Why Slideshare ROCKS Content Marketing and SEO

Slideshare may be the most powerful content marketing tool around. Few realize its power so your Internet marketing team’s Slideshare use could be disruptive to your business vertical.

Why Is Slideshare King Of Content Marketing

I wish I knew why Slideshare can anchor top Google listings, but who cares WHY. Images above show how Slideshare BLEW UP (and in a good way) Storytelling Is The New SEO, a post created for Phil Buckley’s Raleigh SEO Meetup.

Storytelling Is The New SEO has more than 14,000 views. Interesting to review where views came from too. Almost half the views came from embedding the Slideshare on Scoop.it.



The other 7,000 views got help from Slideshare. When my Scoop.it picked up steam Storytelling Is the New SEO trended. When a presentation gets more clicks faster than others Slideshare features it on their homepage.

Top all of this support off with a Google Plus live to the web hangout and you have the ingredients of a viral storm. If you take NOTHING else from this post remember Slideshare is your content marketing friend. It does more for your content than almost any other tool (with Scoop.it and your blog being the possible exceptions).

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