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New SpinSnip Content Marketing Tool Suite

Content marketers don’t have tools needed to curate and create. There is a large and growing confidence gap. 86% of B2C and 90% of B2B marketers indicate content is important to their marketing, but few marketers indicate they know what content generates ROI.

Most Internet marketing teams are increasing investments in content marketing. Digital ad spend is projected to hit $55M by 2015. Content marketing may capture as much as 30% or $16B.


Content Marketing’s Confidence Gap

Marketers believe in content marketing for two reasons:

  • Google Tells Them Too.
  • Other Internet marketers believe in content marketing.

Doing what Google wants is a good strategy for survival. Internet marketing requires passion, belief and a complete story to sustain. Content marketing’s story isn’t complete. Content marketing’s story needs new tools built for publishers by publishers.

This is why we are developing SpinSnip Tools for content marketers.

Only a publisher knows the frustration of cobbling three social nets, websites, blogs and five app-like tools together to create, curate and analyze content. Spinning can feel hopeless and constant.

What Is A SpinSnip?

Imagine a Lazy Susan. Instead of food our content marketing Lazy Susan has Owned, Earned, Paid and Curated content. When we spin the Lazy Susan a blog post (OWNED media) becomes so supported by comments and social shares our original post is transformed to (EARNED media).

Content Marketing’s Ecosystem

The Forrester grid above provides their take on our content marketing ecosystem. I add “curated” because curation is a hybrid. Curation is part active filtering and part creation (via comments and by noting connections). Four Dimensions of Content Marketing Ecosystem include:

  • Owned (websites, blogs, social nets).
  • Earned (shares, links, reposts).
  • Paid (PPC, affiliate marketing, cause marketing)
  • Curated (profiles, User Generated Content, mashups)

Why is moving content around within these 4 critical “content ecosystems” so important? Each move DECREASES costs associated with creating content and INCREASES chances for Return On Investment (ROI).

Life as a content marketer is difficult. You can’t create as much content as needed and you aren’t sure about how the top of your funnel (traffic generating content) is connected to the bottom (where conversions and content turn to cash).

Attribution is a bear. Signals point in every direction all the time. Separating wheat from content marketing chafe can feel almost impossible and so the Content Marketing Confidence Gap grows.

Raleigh web and software developers Atlantic BT is creating a series of tools to bridge the Content Marketing Confidence Gap.

Spin Snip Tools:

  • Curator.
  • Analyst.
  • Marketer.
  • Crowds.
  • C Level.

SpinSnip content marketing model
How Does SpinSnip Work

SpinSnip builds tools from tags. Content marketers can’t manage what they can’t SEE. Content runs like water over Niagara. SpinSnip seeks to do content marketing’s first task – tag who did what when and on what keywords.

The magic of the SpinSnip engine is creating dashboard views, views to help content marketers see the whole board and so make content creation and/or curation easier.

See FIRST content created with SpinSnip Curator on @Scoopit Startups Revolution.

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