Social Media Marketing – Don’t Try To Time It

timefliesTiming Social Media Doesn’t Work

Life would be so SIMPLE if timing publication was important enough to matter. Not so much as it turns out. When you publish to what social media is statistically irrelevant. If all it took for content to go viral was the correct publication time all content would go viral.

If someone tells you publication time matters they are trying to sell you something. I say this having “bought” (pushed across my social nets) the “How To Time” social media infogaphic below.


Great content is going to find an audience even if you publish it on Leap Day in the coldest February on record in the middle of a tornado. When you publish doesn’t matter. What you publish matters and who gives a HOOT about what you publish really MATTERS. My advice is if you don’t have POWERFUL well networked friends…find some (lol).

“Yeah but we give our content a better chance by following the when to publish rules,” I can hear some as yet unenlightened Internet marketers thinking. No you don’t. When you use a cheat sheet like the infographic below you create serendipity.

You publish content according to the “rules” and assign false credit. “See,” you congratulate yourself, “WHEN we publish really does matter”. Then you publish another piece of content, again according to the rules of when to publish on what network, and get half the response.

Scratching your head you wonder what happened. I can answer that question – your content wasn’t as good (not as engaging, not as well received by GIANTS, not as LUCKY). Yes, LUCK plays a role in the random nature of content going viral.

Luck plays increasingly LESS of a role as your network grows. The bigger your network the smarter you look (lol). I have several friends with substantial followings. I bet a few will pick up this piece. When/if they do chances for viral lift increase exponentially. Every now and again I ASK for help creating lift for a piece of content.

My “well networked” friends like Mark Traphagen, David Amerlad, Phil Buckley and Amy Lewis are generous and more than happy to help. They know they can count on me to help them too. I don’t abuse The Ask by using the “favor” too often or for insignificant things.

Wrong Questions About WRONG Things

I wrote this piece because attempting to time social media is a symptom of a bigger Internet marketing illness – the belief in the “silver bullet”. Content marketing is hard, backbreaking work. If there are shortcuts to greatness I haven’t found them (and not for lack of looking).

Greatness in content marketing is not about how often or when you publish. Greatness is and will always be about the power of your ideas. If your ideas aren’t sprouting legs and walking around the world roll up your sleeves and create some more.

Each strike of your content marketing ax loosens a little more rock. As your process tightens you are doing what will help your content go viral – you are getting better at creating content people want to share, support and love.

Yes time is flying by and I don’t care.

My job is and will remain simple – GET BETTER, BE BETTER. If I help and give, learn and love, listen and care then my content will get better as I become a better person. What more can one ask from life, Internet marketing or social media? Don’t attempt to TIME social media, but do love it and commit to getting better and, almost before you know it, your Klout score will go up, your tribe of supporters will grow and you will learn more than can be written.

I Scooped this infographic a few months ago. On second thought, DON’T do anything suggested (lol).

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