Praise For Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays

Martin Marty Smith Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays

Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays

No Free IM Consulting This Saturday January 26 due to weather.

Saladelia in Durham, NC

11:00 am until 2:00 PM

“Can’t be worth anything if it is free,” you might be thinking. Such a statement is true for some things, but not for our Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays. I created Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays as a pay back, a way to help others as I’ve been helped.

SPECIAL 2 Internet Marketers for FREE Saturday 1.5.2013
@1918 Phil Buckley will join us for lunch to discuss changes to my ScentTrail Marketing blog. “I work best as part of a group process,” Phil said when I offered to shut down Free Internet Marketing Saturdays. Here is what I said bout Phil not too long ago:

Phil Buckley Free Internet Marketing Consulting Saturdays“Phil combines quicksilver intelligence and Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours necessary to get really good at something (Outliers) to understand search engine optimization better than almost anyone I know (and I know some serious quants). Generally I agree with Gladwell, but 10,000 Internet marketing hours guarantees nothing. The web constantly tears itself down, creates something new and tears that down faster and faster. ” Read the rest of In Praise of @1918 on ScentTail Marketing

Since I have a dog in this hunt, here are comments from Triangle Internet marketers you may know:

Free Internet Consulting Saturdays Tonia Zamperi

Tonia Zamperi

Tonia Zamperi on LinkedIn

“The amount of tangible online marketing skills and knowledge I gleaned from Marty has been invaluable. First with Atlantic BT‘s marketing strategy, now more recently during his current Free Consulting Saturdays.Marty has given of his knowledge freely and unconditionally. Armed with pen & paper, I’m constantly learning more, even when I think I’ve thought of everything. He has a true passion to help others succeed through providing insight, 1st hand experience and up-to-the-minute awareness of everything Internet. He is gifted in this space.”
December 11, 2012

Frank Pollock picture

Frank Pollock

Frank Pollock on LinkedIn

“Marty is a rare combination of classical consumer packaged goods marketer, entrepreneur and Internet marketing thought leader. If you follow his social media feeds you will quickly see that he is a tireless worker who provides insightful analysis as part of his curation efforts. The most amazing thing about Marty is his generosity!I recently stopped by one of his free Internet marketing Saturday hangouts to discuss a project I’m working on. I left an hour later with several pages of follow ups and a half dozen books to read.

We have already seen several positive outcomes from Marty’s recommendations and I’ll be headed back soon to discuss our next steps” January 2, 2013

Free Internet Marketing Saturdays George

George Stevensen

George Stevensen on Linkedin

Marty offers his expertise for free on Saturday’s at a local restaurant. I took advantage of Marty’s free offer on Nov 24, 2012 and spent about 2.5 hours with Marty.It was a great session, Marty is one of the smartest people I know in his field of Internet Marketing, and all things related. He is very generous, and I had at least a half dozen good tips that I need to implement.

You will always come away with a larger todo list when you spend time with Marty. Thanks again for a great leisure Saturday, I look forward to doing it again

Hope you can join us this Saturday for a special session or some Saturday soon.


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