Is Your Startup Ready For Christmas?


Why Startups Need To Get Ready For Christmas Now

I just finished the 20 Holiday Ecommerce questions teams must answer YES to before hitting the beach NOW (since it will be impossible during the relentless October – January holiday selling season). Finishing I realized startups need to ask important questions at this time of year too.

Web traffic goes UP in the fall. I would be willing to bet more startups get more funding during the September to June period than in the summer when the VC are off on their islands. Here are questions startups should answer YES to because doing so means they are ready for 4Q too:

22 Holiday Content  / Marketing Questions For Startups

Is every slide deck you’ve created on Slideshare? (Yes / No).

Have you defined your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? (Yes / No)

Have you defined your Unique Customer Aspiration (UCA)? (Yes / No)

Do you have a functioning website? (Yes / No?

Does your website look good on mobile devices? (Yes / No)

Do you ask for emails, comments and social shares? (Yes / No)

Is your subscription list growing daily? (Yes / No)

Are you making more sales every day (may not apply to all) (Yes / No)

Are you creating some content daily? (Yes / No)

Are you spending some time on Facebook, Twitter, G+ Daily listening & Learning? (Yes / No)

Are you sharing your content on social nets daily? (Yes / No)

Are you treating your PROCESS as a PRODUCT (by sharing it on the web)? (Yes / No)

Are you developing video content? (Yes / No)

Are you curating MORE than you are creating? (Yes / No)

Are you learning something new daily AND SHARING what you learn? (Yes / No)

Have you created your first crowdfunding campaign yet? (Yes / No)

Have You created A Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis for Your Brand / Idea? (Yes / No)

Have you created a SWOT for your top 3 competitors? (Yes / No)

Was SOCIAL and WEB HEURISTICS part of your SWOTs? (Yes / No)

Are you creating a movement NOT a campaign to sell your startup? (Yes / No)

Are you enlisting brand advocates (willing to work for free or recognition)? (Yes / No)

Do you have the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to know if your marketing is more or less efficient? (Yes / No)

Answer a solid YES to these 22 questions and your startup is ready for the holidays. I would suggest startups hit the beach now too, but most startups are so HARD ON IT taking a vacation until they are rich and famous is out of the question.

How do you GET rich and famous? Answer YES to the 22 questions above :). M

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