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“Wow you create a lot of content,” a friend said at lunch yesterday. I felt the need to apologize (again). “I love Internet marketing, like to write and enjoy meeting and working with new people,” I stammered.  What I was THINKING was, “I create a lot of content marketing because each piece of content teaches me something and I’m in a big hurry”.

I’m in a big hurry because I want to help #curecancer and not starve (lol). Everything I have is going into my Story of Cancer 501c3 Foundation, a foundation with a simple but expensive mission – create innovative ways technology can help cure cancer.

I don’t know what I don’t know about content marketing, but I’m learning fast and I’m proud and honored to have regular readers including:

Phil Buckley (@1918)
Jan Gordan (@JanLGordon)
David Amerland (@DavidAmerland)
Bill Gassett (@MassRealty)
Mark Traphagen (@MarkTraphagen)

And friends @Scoopit and @SmallRivers ( Click on the image below to watch the cool Vizify “Twitter Bio” for @ScentTrail:

Martin W. Smith ScentTrail on TwitterThis post summarizes a 30 day Topsy study of ScentTrail mentions. ScentTrail is mentioned an average of 30 times a day. I don’t create or curate 30 pieces of content a day (no matter what my friends think LOL). My Topsy average of 30 mentions a day with the most mentions coming in at 66 in a one day is testimony to what every content marketer knows – content gets shared.

Not All Content Is Equal

The first bar chart shows content shares by content type and we see yet another belief confirmed – Infographics are important. Inforgraphics are the #1 generator of mentions with 90 mentions, or 36% greater than #2 SEO and 76% greater than #3 (and my post Why Rocks).

ScentTrail Topsy Mentions By Content Type Bar Chart

Ever wonder if best wishes for the weekend and thanks to a group of friends matter? In the thirty days of my Topsy ScentTrail Mentions Study friends mentions came in #4 with 68 mentions (so yes they matter :).

Not All Tools Are Equal

I’ve made no secret of my love of (Why Rocks), and that love is returned. is the #1 source of mentions with 44% of the total followed by my ScentTrail Marketing Blog 30% and Twitter 14%. Blogs are beyond important to successful content marketing. If we combine my Martin Marty Smith blog with ScentTrail Marketing the blog mentions total would be 35%.

Topsy ScentTrail Mentions by Source

Top 10 Twice As Powerful

The top 10 posts garner almost 50% of all mentions making them roughly twice as “mention powerful” at the rest of the 30 posts. You can see the spreadsheet on Google Docs (with live links).

topsy_scenttrail_top10_post Top 10 Mentions are almost evenly divided between and ScentTrail Marketing blog. Top 10 content type shows a failed contest, my Share Your Google Header that had a single entry (TY Janet Kennedy) tops the list. Contests and Games, Games and Contests are constant, common advice because I know they work. Contests and games work even when they fail miserably.

Infographics are NOT played out (not by far). Infographics may be the single most viral content type you create or curate. Infographics are not easy to create, so curate them and do so frequently. That crowdfunding topic is really crowdfunding and Ecom (from my 5 Reasons Crowdfunding and Ecom Are More Powerful Together).

Finally my faithful ScentTrail Daily and my Why Rocks posts create a large number of mentions with requiring perhaps the least creation and curation effort of any tool.

Hope my ScentTrial mentions study explains why I create so much content and what kinds of content are (or will) pay the bills.

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