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Create Lego Content - Lego USB ImageCreating Lego Content

Writing Holiday Festival Of Ecommerce Lights – Top 10 Holiday Website Designs I included a section of “Scrooge Awards”. Scrooge Awards were given to websites who said BAH! HUMBUG! To decorating their website for the holidays. Some big websites such as Dell and Apple received Scrooge awards.

Lego Content Defined

Without knowing it I created Lego content. Lego Content, just like its namesake, has multiple dimensions, many ways to connect to other content, authorities and spark social shares. Web content is never an island, but some content has more dimensions, more connection nodes, than others.

You want your content to have as many chances to connect as possible. By writing the positive, Top 10 Holiday Website Designs and the negative, the Scrooge Awards, the content more than doubles its connection potential.

Here are ways to create Lego Content:

  • Write both positive and negative cases in the same content.
  • Don’t equally weight negative and positive (pick one).
  • Use Made To Stick cliche, analogy, and metaphor.
  • Build new ideas from familiar frameworks.
  • Scrooge is a Made To Stick Analogy.
  • Holiday Ecom Festival Of Lights is a Made To Stick Analogy.
  • Look for unique keyword combinations as you write.
  • Repeat unique keyword combinations.
  • Use H1 and H2 tags to highlight unique keyword combinations.

The more I work with content the more content feels like Legos. Each sentence, paragraph and piece of content can and should be plugged into every other piece.

Lego Content: Art and Science of Tagging

Think of tags, those keywords you tattoo on your content, as the nubs on your Lego content. The more tags into your content the greater the chance for connection.

Tags help Lego Content reach across time to similar content created in the past, connects with search engines to reach across the ocean of authors and content being created finding similar content, and Lego Content creates an organizational shorthand.

Tagging is an art best thought of scientifically. Before you begin tagging know what keywords matter to the content you create. Be sure to normalize your tagging (never use caps or use caps for proper nouns, or always use caps). Create easy to understand rules and share them with anyone creating your Lego Content.

Lego Content – How To Open Up Your Content

Content can be self referential or open. Open works better online. Here are a few ways to open your content:

  • Include links to Gurus or authorities.
  • Curate in things that happen after publishing.
  • Mention defining content within the space you are writing about.
  • View your content as always in motion, never static or final.

Content is funny. The more you include others the more power your content creates, the more connection nodes your Lego Content contains. Be aware that more than 100 links on any web page is a bad SEO idea, but be sure to drive two to four links out to authorities or tent pole content (such as my link out to Made To Stick by the Heath brothers above).

Tent Pole Content is macro content. Tent Pole Content is often referenced as defining an aspect of whatever it is you are writing about. Examples of tent pole content I’ve written include:

  • Curation Is The Next Web Revolution
  • More, Faster, Better
  • 5 Magical Do More With Less Curation Tools

Tent Pole Content written by others includes:

If you want to write tent pole content your first job is reading, understanding and categorizing (in your mind on in a database) important tent pole content. Examples above work for business and Internet marketing, but may not be great for a widget manufacturer.

Your content is more likely to become a tent pole if it is tied to existing tent pole authors or important content in your space. When I wrote Social Media’s Magic Feedback Loops  I didn’t know David Edelman would read, Tweet and share the piece (cool that he did).

There is always a guru. There is always content in any space gaining 80% of the links. Your job is to find, link to and reference that content and those authors because that is how you create Lego Content.

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