5 Easy To Imlement Viral Marketing Tips

Viral Marketing Tips

Everyone Is In The Viral Business Now

When everyone is in the “viral business” it is harder for anyone to cut through clutter and have a small thing become a big thing. Follow these five viral marketing tips and your small things will get carried on the shoulders of friends, fans and gurus to become big viral marketing “memes”.

Viral Marketing Tips #1: Process Is Product

Don’t wait, publish whatever you are working on now. When you share early and ugly your ideas gain many benefits including:

Early and Ugly Sharing Benefits

  • A supportive tribe begins to form.
  • You get feedback and create a better product as a result.
  • Curate communication from real people (i.e. they don’t work for you) for product copy.
  • Your social presence at launch is greater making SEO easier.

Whatever you are doing NOW is a potential product. Go early and ugly and work on the car (your new product) as you drive it.

Viral Marketing Tip #2: Know Your Content, Not All Content Is Equally Viral

Infographics are more viral than your terms (in most cases), but you should look at ANY online communication as being able to generate shares, likes, links and love. Never let your lawyers write copy for your website. Re-write their tone but communicate the same message. Discover WHAT content you create that is the most viral and do more of that.

Viral content that builds traffic is valuable, but not as valuable as viral content that produces conversions such as subscriber list growth or store purchases. Remember to value traffic and conversion. You want content that attracts YOUR buyers. If your posts about Internet marketing get the most shares but you are a nonprofit for pets then you may need to shift to Internet marketing that helps pets to promote better conversion.

Viral Marketing Tip 3: Who You Know, Who You Follow Matters

I am more likely to help @ScentTrial followers, LinkedIn connections or friends on @Scoopit than someone who doesn’t have a relationship with me and pitches me cold. Following and interacting with people you want help from makes that help more likely. Another favorite tactic I am about to utilize on our CureCancerStarter.org crowdfunding cancer research website is to profile a helpful team.

Putting MY content on YOUR website is a powerful bond and a great way to say THANK YOU to people, gurus and companies who help you. If you can’t go that far then being present on social media, following people who meet your following criteria back and sending quick THANK YOU notes for those who share are key strategies for building a social presence capable of helping your content go viral.

If you develop a significant social presence FIRST then you will always get a certain level of pickup and distribution of your content. When you create something special and some of the BIGGER gurus and players pick up your content you go “mega-viral” fast. Remember to thank the BIG GUNS too and make sure you are following them.

Quick Grow Your Social Net Tip

I find following someone AND THEN thanking them often generates a follow back.

Viral Marketing Tip #4: When To Post Where
There are a number of infographic and blog posts about when to post what kind of content where. I detract from this idea even as I can understand the temptation. Great content springs legs and walks around no matter when you post it or where.

You increase chances of going viral by such a small percentage by when and where you post content I pay no attention to those content marketing dimensions. My experience of having several pieces posted on Saturday go “mega-viral” or having a potential audience of more than several hundred thousand due to shares, ReTweets and links says placing “timing” emphasis on content quality is a better use of scarce resources.

Viral Marketing Tip #5: Great Titles & Share Breakout Data
Numbers make believers of us all. When your content breaks out make sure to share that break out on Twitter. Here is a Tweet of mine from earlier today for @Atlanticbt (where I work):


Content Marketing, Storytelling & UGC = New SEO a “Top ScentTrail”: http://bit.ly/14tko1N  700 Views in 2 days! #NewSeo #SEO

Interestingly I posted the article mentioned in the tweet with the title, “Content Marketing’s Gears” to tepid response. Changing the title made all the difference so TEST and be sure to create catching viral titles. That tweet helped drive 10% more views.

Note how specific the tweet is 700 views in 2 days is a lot of views for my little marketing blog. I owe some THANK YOU notes on Content Marketing, UGC and Storytelling is the New SEO, so I will use Topsy to see everyone who shared the post (since no other method will give as complete a picture of the social web as Topsy).

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